JUMP Dance Convention

JUMP Dance Convention

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Workshop, Competition, Scholarship, and Teacher info can be found at JUMPtour.com

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There is no limit to the number of total routines a STUDIO may enter in the competition.

  • Each studio may enter up to 20 solos.
  • Studios with 70+ workshop dancers please email info@jumptour.com. Entry & Solo limits may vary.
  • All competition routines must be entered under a studio name. JUMP does not accept "Independent" soloists, duo/trios or group routines. All competing dancers must be taking regular classes (in-person) at a dance studio, enter with that studio name and with the studio's permission.
  • Soloists do not need to be in a group routine.
  • Dancers may not enter a solo individually when attending the event with a studio. The solo must be part of the studio's group registration and must adhere to the entry limits.
  • Soloists are limited to ONE solo per dancer.
  • Individual Soloists (dancers not attending with a studio of 5+ dancers) are limited to the first 20 registered. Please understand our priority is to studios that come as a team. If more space is available, we will contact those on the waiting list.
  • If a soloist receives a 1st Place award in one JUMP city, they are unable to compete a solo (even if a different solo) at any other JUMP city for the remainder of the season.
  • Entry limits are subject to change.

Most of our cities sell out before the registration deadline. In an effort to plan our events more efficiently, we have implemented a $50 deposit per routine. This deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable to another city/event. For Studio registrations, if a routine is removed before the 30-day deadline, the deposit can be applied to the remaining balance for that city/event only. Please understand this is being implemented to help give opportunities to the most amount of dancers at each event and to prevent last-minute cancellations.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2023


SEPTEMBER 22, 2023

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