A wide variety beyond your favorite snacks and drinks are available at concession stands located around our concourse.

Saco & Biddeord spotlight

Saco & Biddeord Savings Hall of Fame Lounge

Located behind Section H, the Hall of Fame Lounge offeres a full bar and is open to the public. It also shows the entire history of the venue, dating back to 1977.

pizza spotlight

Stands E, Q and V

Your favorite concession stand items found here, including popcorn chicken, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, fried dough and popcorn.

section m spotlight

Section M

Aroma Joe's coffee and specialty items that rotate throughout the year.

lone pine spotlight

Lone Pine Pub

Located behind Section O, the Lone Pine Pub serves up a variety of alcoholic beverages including Lone Pine beers as well as other Maine craft beers.

portable bars spotlight

Portable Bars

While all of the stands serve alcohol, the Portable Bars are the best to get in and out of line quickly.

Concessions Fundraising

How many people does the group need?

We generally ask our Not-For Profit (NFP) groups to have at least 6 people. Sometimes groups are able to get upwards of 12 people. When that happens sometimes groups can run 2 stands and get 10% of both stands they work. We also ask that everyone be over the age of 18.

What time does the work start/end?

For our employees we ask that they all be here an hour before doors open to the public. For most events this means an hour before the start of the event. With NFP groups, we try to get them in their location and ready to go no later than a half hour before doors open. For example, if the show starts at 7PM, we ask the groups to be here by 5:00PM.

Our concession stands also stay open until there is approximately a half hour left in the event, depending on foot traffic around the concourse. For most events our concession employees are walking out the door at the same time as the public.

How do we get paid? And how much will we make?

Each group is paid by check after the event has been “settled” on our end. The amount you earn is based off of the sales total in your group’s location. Your group will make 10% of sales, after taxes, from the location you work- with a minimum of $350. Checks are mailed out to the address given on the NFP Agreement. (As part of the agreement the building will need a copy a W9, signed waivers, and proof of tax exemption) Depending on the show – groups can make upwards $1,500 or more.

Do we get tips?

Yes. Cash tips will be split between the group and arena staff when the stand closes. Credit tips are added to your check with the 10% sales number. The split is based off how many people from our staff work with you, and by the number of waivers signed night of. If you have a group of 6 people, and are working with 2 arena staff members – your group will get 6/8 of the credit tips. We ask for cash tips to be split the same way, but sometimes groups and staff members split them in whatever way works for them.

What work is expected of our group?

While working with us you will be asked to run the registers of the stand. We provide at least 1 person to cook, if your group is in a location that needs it, and at least 1 other person from our staff to be the “Stand Manager”. Our stand managers are generally the ones that are in charge of the location during the event. They help our groups with things such as handling the money, inventory counts, tracking product in and out of the stand from the main kitchen, and the overall operation of the stands.

What should we wear?

We ask that you have some uniformity with your group. This helps other people, both working and non, know who you are as you are working with us. This can be something as simple as matching t-shirts. Being around food and hot equipment, we ask that no one wear shorts, no open toed shoes, socks are a must, and that anyone with long hair has it covered or pulled back.

Where should we park?

Unfortunately, we cannot validate parking with the garage next to our building. Some groups choose to park there and reimburse each other through the tip money. On street parking is free on Sundays and weekdays after 6pm. We suggest groups try to carpool when they can, and if you plan to work multiple events with us – talk to the people that work here. They also know where the good hidden spots are.

How do I book a Concessions Fundraiser?

Email Director of Food and Beverage, Andrew Heywood at Andrew.Heywood@oakviewgroup.com for more information on booking your fundraiser. Opportunities are limited and are first come first served.